domingo, 25 de maio de 2008

Porque voas?

because… flying is the intersection of two of my strongest emotions: love and fear.
Amir Izadi, Canada

because… It lets you feel totally apart from the planet, and totally connected to it, at the same time.
Al Wilson, UK

because… you leave your farts behind…
Axel Knutsson, Sweden

Porque los ojos me muestran un paisaje vivo, la piel deja sentir el viento, mis oidos alternan el silencio con un pitido emocionante, huelo el aire y saboreo la amistad de quienes comparten la misma locura. (translation: Because my eyes show me a vivid landscape, my skin feels the wind, my ears alternate from silence to an exciting beep, I smell the air and taste the friendship of those who share the same madness)
Mario Arqué, Spain

because… voler c’est un voyage interieur en exterieur. (Translation: Flying is a journey inside yourself, outside).
Morette, France

because…when I rest my head after taking my final breath I will have enough time to remain on the ground.
Derek Melnick, New Zealand

because… nothing else stops me from thinking, nothing else is as focused and pure as flying. It’s time out of mind, way beyond any drug or meditation.
Christian Remes, Germany

Because…pee…pee, pee…, pee, pee, pee…, peeee, peeeeee, peeeeeee, peeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! WOW! …sorry, what was that question again?
Joao Eugenio Saporski Lopes, Brazil
[Note from Ozone: If your vario speaks Portuguese or Spanish, it does not say ‘beep’. Instead, it actually says ‘pee!’.]

porque me gusta verme al espejo despues de un buen XC y ver mi cara como un Mapache por los lentes y el casco. Blanca al rededor de los ojos y rojo a los bordes y la nariz. Sintoma de un buen vuelo!!! (translation: because… I like to see myself in front of the mirror after a good XC and see my face like a raccoon because of the sunglases and the helmet. White around my eyes and red on my nose. Signs of a good flight!!!)
Carlos Cesar Hansen, Venezuela

because… L’Homme est adapte’ au mode de vie terrestre. Alors, pourquoi s’en contenter ? (translation: because… Humans have adapted to life on the ground. Why be satisfied with that ?)
Guillaume ROUANET, France

because… c’est le moment de tutoyer les anges et laisser les demons derrier. (translation: because… It’s when I hang out with the angels and leave the demons behind).
Arnaud PAILLISSER, France

because… from the sky I can’t see the banal triviality of my life but only the awesome beauty of the planet.. and besides I cant climb any more…
John Edward William Mayhew, UK

because… there’s no other way to get that feeling - the one you have when you go crazy after the best flight ever and you need to run around in circles like a kid who’s eaten too much sugar.
Martina Lang, Canada

because… food and drink keep me alive but flying makes me truly alive!
Thys Pretorius, South Africa

because… it is my mental Ctrl+Alt+Delete. It’s the only thing I ever tried that just can’t be faked, where progress can’t be rushed. It is the essence of freedom.
Christophor Hill, USA

because… En vol, ma route rejoint les oiseaux, les nuages deviennent Ocean, ma voie s’eleve au dela’ des sommets et je ne sais plus si je suis le vent ou si c’est le vent qui me suit. (translation: because… Flying, my path meets birds, clouds are becoming ocean, I’m rising higher than summits and I don’t know anymore if I follow the wind or if the wind follows me.)
Daniel Guilhot, France

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